Everyone has the choice. Always. Commitment is the basis for a content and self-determined life. No matter if privately or as a manager. Commitment is a promise that everyone makes first to themselves and then to others.

Your life, your decision, say “yes” or say “no”, no one can tell you exactly what’s right – neither can I.

Do you know why you make certain decisions? Do you know what drives you? Do you always know your own underlying motives?

Those who know their own motives and those of others, understand that most decisions are neither “right or wrong”. This knowledge can have enormous positive impulses for living together, working together, and being together. Above all, this insight shows us how to recognize and accept others as they are, and to accept their otherness, rather than condemning it. This is comes especially handy when you live and work in a different culture.

In this workshop you get first impulses, that can help you better navigate your personal and work environment. You will find answers for yourself, for your life and for your business. Leave with new impulses and authenticity. Do not settle for less, take your life in your hands. Find your own answers and motives.

Start taking responsibility for your thinking, acting and flow. From now on. And forever.

Speaker: Susanne Deiss | Founder of Susanne Deiss Consulting