Founded in 1883, Ravensburger is a leading producer of puzzles, award- winning board games, and engaging science, and arts and crafts kits. As a family owned business, Ravensburger has built a reputation as a trusted brand for both parents and children alike. Its products encourage playful development at every stage and every age. Toys for the head, hand and heart.

Here is additional company info:

For more than 130 years, Ravensburger has been creating quality games and puzzles loved the world over. Founded in Ravensburg, Germany in 1883, Ravensburger is a leading toy maker and ten-time winner of Spiel des Jahres and hundreds of other product awards.

Ravensburger brings families and friends together to share in the joy of play and learning.  We design our products to bring people together whether to build a puzzle or enjoy a family game night.

Ravensburger offers a range of products for players of all ages. Every Ravensburger product is designed to brighten the everyday. From vivid colors and choice materials to engaging experiences, there’s something for everyone, of any age.

  • Ravensburger puzzles offer captivating scenes, the largest variety of puzzle formats, and a complete line of puzzle accessories.
  • Ravensburger games foster family together time with engaging, award-winning game play whether you are 5 or 95.
  • Ravensburger science kits stimulate young minds and encourage discovery.
  • Ravensburger arts and craft kits inspire artistic expression and imagination.

Ravensburger offers products that support learning and discovery. Our games teach players to think ahead, to lose graciously, and to problem solve. Our craft activities and puzzles foster imagination, independence and perseverance, and our science kits and tech toys spark curiosity.

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