Bread is our hobby, our passion and now our business. 

When we immigrated to the United States we founded [email protected], which is a consulting / Executive Search agency We have established our service very well on the american market and supported german companies in the US with our services.

Every time when we held conversations with our german clients and expats, they told us how they enjoyed the life in the United States, but there is one thing that they totally miss: GERMAN BREAD.

As we felt the same way, we created a concept for baking bread, which is not only organic and healthy – it’s so easy to prepare, that everyone can make it. Our baking kits include parchment paper, glove, yeast and the best ingredients for a fresh bread.

Our highest priority is to have the best quality. Thats the reason why we have traveled the last summer for 2 month thru the United States to find the best flours and ingredients for our bread. Everything is organic.

So a hobby became a passion and a passion became a business.