YOUTV is the by SATVISION award winning online recorder and the best of its class, that allows you to record your own personal german-language TV shows.
With a single click you start your auto recording. YOUTV Pro always accesses about 10,000 german TV shows aired in the last seven days, and comes every day with 1,500 new movies, TV series, documentaries, and the like. 
For the first time more than 10,000 German-language TV broadcasts can be carried in the pocket. YOUTV is thus aimed at becoming your personal German TV library with everything you would wish to see straight from the German television. YOUTV works wherever there is Internet with a Mac / PC, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, AppleTV, GoogleTV, NVIDIA SHIELD or Amazon FireTV and SmartTV.  
Our first 100 registrants will receive a 6 month free membership!