For Melanie, it’s personal. Having relocated and traveled all around the world, she understands the impact that exposing yourself to different cultures and people can have. Based on her personal experiences, Melanie has developed global partnerships and programs for some of the largest Fortune 100 firms. She has spent two decades in the relocation world (though she’d claim she’s spent her entire life relocating!) and has held every role from Vice President, Global Sales to General Manager, running three markets in the Greater New York City area. Melanie has also earned a reputation as a trusted resource for the Entertainment industry providing production housing and travel accommodations worldwide.

Most recently, in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of her clients – Melanie took an expatriate assignment to Germany and spent the last years learning and developing the EMEA market. She has a keen ability to turn around sales teams, cultivate strategic trusted relationships, and drive growth and profitability in competitive international arenas. Melanie holds a Global Mobility Specialist designation and a degree in International Business. She is an avid fundraiser and volunteer.

Melanie Klaschka is currently with Lexicon® Relocation