Co-Founder and CEO, CreditStacks

Along with two of his three co-founders, Elnor experienced the US credit industry’s “chicken-or-egg” problem firsthand when he moved to the US. Despite being high tech professionals, they were denied credit cards by the US credit system. So, they founded CreditStacks to fix the US credit system for other successful expats as well as other newcomers to credit in the US.

Before co-founding and running CreditStacks, Elnor was Co-Founder and CEO of Pingjam, a mobile advertising company focused on app developers. Elnor also served as VP, New Growth Platforms at LG Electronics where he designed and launched a global business incubator aimed at launching strategically aligned ventures worldwide. Elnor served as Director at Innosight Ventures, Prof Clayton Christensen’s early stage VC fund, where his focus was mostly on go-to-market and follow-on fundraising for the funds’ portfolio companies.