Founded in 1980, German International School New York (GISNY) is a private, non-profit, international school beautifully located on 20 acres of land in Westchester County, New York, 30 minutes north of New York City and 15 minutes south of Greenwich, Connecticut.

GISNY offers a challenging German/English bilingual, multicultural approach to teaching and learning from Pre-K through Grade 12. Its highly qualified international faculty aims to nurture inquisitive, open-minded, and independent thinkers. Beyond striving for academic excellence, GISNY provides an inclusive environment that promotes individual growth, diversity, and teamwork. Small groups allow the teachers to pay close personal attention to each student, thereby helping them to achieve their potential and encouraging them to develop into curious, analytical, and conscientious global citizens.

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) and Kindergarten programs offer 3-5-year-old children large and sun-filled classrooms with direct access to multiple playgrounds, which translates into plenty of outdoor exploration and play time. Children entering Pre-K or Kindergarten do not need to speak or understand German. The “One Teacher, One Language” approach exposes the students to both German and English throughout the day and lays the foundation for children to be bilingual by the end of First Grade.

In Grades 1 to 4, students learn to read fluently and to express themselves clearly in both written and spoken German and English. The teachers at GISNY inspire and challenge students to think creatively and critically with a stimulating cross-curricular approach to learning that opens young minds to the complex connections that shape our world. change the caption position and set other styles.

Students in Middle and Upper School are welcomed into a world of challenging, well-rounded bilingual academic instruction at the only school in the tri-state area accredited to offer the New York State High School Diploma and the German International Abitur (DIA). “This is an exciting time for us at GISNY as we grow in numbers and embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion. As I walk onto our green campus with the addition of the new cafeteria, library, faculty room and offices, I enjoy seeing a smile on everybody’s face,” says Lars Hierath, Head of School.

You can visit GISNY during their frequent open houses or schedule a private tour emailing [email protected]. More information can be found on the website or on social media.


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