The US credit system can feel unintuitive and is often particularly challenging for newcomers to the country.

  • A credit card is one of the most effective ways to build credit, but most US companies refuse to issue one to applicants with no US credit history. How do build credit if no one will issue you a credit card in the first place?
  • A credit card is a powerful credit-building tool, but it requires meticulous management. Even well-intentioned credit mistakes can do expensive, lasting damage to your financial standing in this country.
  • Newcomers to the US are thrown in the deep end when it comes to credit. With little guidance or support, they often find themselves trying to navigate the US credit system in ineffective or inefficient ways.

In the US, a good credit score is the key to smooth business transactions and huge savings over time, so expats cannot afford to NOT deal with their credit. But not all paths to good credit are the same. We’ll cover the paths expats often take (with less than optimal results), as well as the fastest, most direct, most painless path to good credit for newcomers to the US.

Presented by: CreditStacks

Speaker: Elnor Rozenrot Co-Founder and CEO