Wünder Creamery – Wünder Quark

Wünder Creamery launched in April 2018 bringing quark, a cultured dairy staple that has been enjoyed throughout Europe and Central Asia for centuries, to the US. Our authentic quark recipe is made using whole milk from grass-fed cows on small family farms and imported European cultures; we pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial additives, sweeteners, or gums. Wünder quark is full of flavor, packed with protein, low in sugar and powered by probiotics.

We’re in this for one reason: To make the best quark anywhere. A quark that reminds those who grew up with it of home and makes fast and loyal fans of first-timers.

For recipes using our Wünder quark, think ‘Käsekuchen’ and ‘Kräuterquark’, visit our website at www.wundercreamery.com/recipes

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