As a German in NYC Katja started to miss my grandma’s and mother’s cakes. Those traditional, with love and natural ingredients, handmade sweet and savory Kuchen (a word which stands for all kinds of cakes, from tartes, pies to cakes).

Being away miles from home there was only one way to solve the problem: Baking them herself.

Being a passionate cook and baker, she started to work with their recipes, changing and modernising them slightly to make them less heavy and sugary. Not only she herself savored them, her friends devoured them,

As her friends are quite demanding and couldn’t leave their fingers off her cakes and cookies, she created ‘Sweet & Salzig’ to cater to their and all NYCers desires of artisanal, organic and handmade cakes of her home area in Germany, the Schwabenland or short ‘Ländle’. As the ‘Ländle’ has borders with the Elsass/France and Switzerland and some of my relatives live in Austria, she crosses over to those countries with her baking.

‘Sweet’ stands for all those sweet pies and cakes, ‘Salzig’ for the savory ones which are very popular in Germany, especially in fall – accompanied by new wine or cider. The savory cakes are, of course, great all year around as well.

Katja uses organic, local and high quality ingredients.Some very specific ingredients are imported.
Every cake and cookie are handmade so every piece or cake is unqique.