Welcome to SmartSitting, a child care network inspired by the philosophy that the early years of life are the most developmentally important for intellectual, social, and emotional health. It’s our belief that not much “sitting” actually happens when you’re in the hands of a great babysitter or nanny, and that educational moments, engaging play, and thoughtful conversation at every age are an integral part of raising the next generation of amazing human beings. Through excellence, positivity, integrity, and creativity, we work to fulfill this mission every day of the year and have been doing so for a decade.

SmartSitting was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of enriching the lives of children in New York City and making every moment count. This means delivering engaging and educational experiences for kids of all ages. So often, we hear from parents who are looking to fill their children’s time with positive influences and experiences, especially since they can’t be with their children at every moment due to their active careers and other obligations.

We take the responsibility of caring for your children seriously, which is why we only accept 6% of all applicants into our meticulously curated network of childcare providers. As a company, we adapt to your changing child care needs while consistently providing unparalleled support, stability, responsiveness, and reliability. Our promise is that the babysitters and nannies whom we chose to work with would always go above and beyond the traditional expectations of nannies and babysitters and be role models, mentors, educators, and friends, in addition to responsible and reliable care providers.