We are the only corporate law firm in the United States with a focus on German-speaking companies. We currently advise some 180 German-speaking companies and manage more than 150 subsidiaries for our clients in all 50 states.

Our clients include well-known medium-sized companies, publicly traded companies, public enterprises, and non-profit organizations. As a result of our position as secretary to many U.S. companies, we have comprehensive knowledge of industry-specific characteristics of our clients, especially with regard to relationships between Germany/Austria and the USA.

We are the only firm in the USA that can offer advice in all legal areas, from establishing a company through contract drafting and litigationin the German language. All of our attorneys are admitted to practice in both Germany and the United States. We are therefore familiar with the perspective of our German-speaking clients and can integrate this into the U.S. legal system.

Our starting point is always to give our clients timely and concise answers with specific, actionable recommendations. To us, that means laying out potential risks, while at the same time developing practical solutions with our clients.

Our goal is to form long-lasting and personal relationships with our clients. We are thus constantly available to serve as a point of contact, and do not delegate the work to constantly changing attorneys.

Schumann & Burghart works in close cooperation with the German chambers of commerce and is a “trusted“ firm in the Austrian International Chamber of Commerce in the USA.