I loved photography long before I understood it. My mother’s analog Olympus was a favorite toy of mine, viewing life through the viewfinder fascinated me so much, and a couple of weeks later, my mother would present me with what I had seen through the viewfinder in the shape of a photograph.

Portraits are my favorites to photograph. I’ve worked on two series of portraits, one on women and one on men for the past 12 years and partook in a group exhibition in Austria in 2011. Shortly after, I was offered a small solo exhibition.

Aside from that, I specialize in photographing weddings, engagements, family portrait session or create beautiful memories of babies.

I like to use the various textures of the city as a backdrop. Walls of different colors and textures, the iconic bridges and buildings, the industrial flair of Dumbo, the simple chic of the Upper West Side, the quaint streets of Park Slope, the murals of Williamsburg – there are a million ways to photograph people in this wonderful city, using the city itself as a studio. I like to shoot using natural light.

When you book a photo shoot with me, it helps me to know what the photos will be used for.

We live in a very busy city, and I always try to accommodate my clients’ busy schedule, even if it’s just a quick lunch break photo shoot in your area.