Link EUS is a new European cultural center where New Yorkers can discover and explore the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage. There are already several national cultural centers in NYC, but there is nothing for Europe as a whole. We strongly believe, however, that there is something like a European culture that goes beyond our national differences. With Link EUS, we are establishing a place where people can discuss, live and explore this European culture. By exposing the American public to European culture and providing a place for European expats, we aim to strengthen the cultural link between Europe and the US.

We provide a rich program of public courses and events mainly held at the German School Brooklyn (GSB) and the German School Manhattan (GSM):

As language is the most immediate expression of culture, we offer several language courses at Link EUS. In January 2020, we start with our new semester offering German, French and Spanish courses. For European expats who would like to perfect their pronunciation American English, we also offer Accent Modification Courses.

Social Events
At our events, European culture is vividly brought to life. From food events to art and language exchanges to family concerts, we offer a wide range of events for all ages. The biggest highlights in 2020 will be events on the occasion of the UEFA European Soccer Championship, the Europe Day and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lectures & Discussion
From early 2020, we will start a monthly lecture and discussion series. We will discuss together whether there is a European identity and what defines it. We will further invite experts to talk about current political events, arts, history and other topics.

We are using the arts to build bridges between cultures. Through dance classes, concerts and performances, we bring people together and foster performance arts as a means of cultural integration.

*Link EUS is a fiscally sponsored project by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

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