Lexicon® Relocation, a privately-owned company established in 1993, creates customized global mobility solutions that positively impact organizations, their employees and mobility departments around the world.

When you hire new employees, your relocation provider is often their first introduction to the company. We take great pride in this role, adopting each clients’ culture to create a seamless relocation experience that lays the groundwork for long-term success.

Lexicon’s experts take full ownership of each relocation, offering one-on-one guidance and tailored services to make sure your employees are immediately productive in their destination, and your company realizes a return on your program investment.

As a full-service global mobility provider, we manage and deliver 25,000 relocations annually in more than 180 countries. Lexicon’s global mobility services include:

  • Pre-decision Services
  • Assignment Management
  • Move Management
  • Expense Management
  • Visa and Immigration
  • Home Sales and Purchase
  • Destination Services
  • Global Compensation
  • Government Relocation Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Departure Services

We also offer Valued Added Programs such as a real-estate reward program offering cash back on home buying and selling, mortgage services and moving discounts for household goods.

No matter what services clients choose, we act as an extension of their human resources team enabling businesses to attract and retain top-tier talent. When a company aligns with Lexicon, they have a partner who is fully committed to moving their business forward.