KHD Consulting International provides global leadership, career development, cross-cultural competence and team coaching and training. We have experience from working with the United Nations System, multinational for-profit corporations and individuals in global careers.

Leadership Coaching:

If you are a manager or leader wishing to improve your leadership skills especially in a global and diverse context then we can help you.  Do you sometimes feel as the pressure from your stakeholders, your peers or the team is becoming an obstacle, and you start losing confidence in your abilities to lead, then you’ve come to the right place.  Through our coaching process you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, and solutions to your challenges allowing you to become the inspiring leader you want to be and drive your team to success.

We support leaders to find solutions to their challenges, be it leading and motivating global staff, improved communication skills, or leading with both heart and head for business success and personal satisfaction, is what motivates us to succeed.

Team Coaching & Training:

We coach and train teams to build trust and collaborate in diverse contexts. Without trust performance is hard to grow, engagement will suffer and innovation wilt.  From deep trust grows constructive conflicts that allow for increased engagement, commitment and accountability resulting in organizational growth and performance. We also provide expert cross-cultural competence training for groups and individuals.

Career Development:

We offer individual career development coaching, managing change and transitions and dealing with difficult situations at work.  Career coaching services is available for individuals and organizations.  The benefit of career coaching programs in organizations include enhanced staff well-being and improved performance and engagement. From a broader perspective we also provide coaching for improved communication and work-life integration and stress-management for career success.