Stamford and West Hartford, CT

The German School of Connecticut (GSC), celebrating its 40th year!

Founded in 1978, the school is a Non-Profit organization. All tuition proceeds
and funds are used to teach and maintain the German language and culture,
and to create the most positive environment in which to do so.

GSC is a Saturday school offering a dual-track curriculum for students at all
levels. Classes are held on two campuses (Stamford and West Hartford),
ranging from pre-school through high school and adult.

GSC prepares its students for taking the AATG (American Association of
Teachers of German) standard High School examinations. The Sprachdiplom
I (B1) and II (C1) examinations test students with 10 and 12 years of
German instruction on their mastery of spoken and written German as well
as on German culture, history and literature. These examinations satisfy the
German language requirement for matriculation at a Studienkolleg (preuniversity
study) and at a German university, respectively. In addition, GSC
offers the new level A-1 / 2 Vergleichsarbeit (international exam). Students
also take the VA 1 and VA2 exams.

GSC also embodies an international parent community: those from Germanspeaking
countries are joined by U.S. and other international parents. All
appreciate the services of the school, and the transnational atmosphere.

GSC is a member of the German Language School Conference (GLSC) and
the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). Our programs are
recognized by the Federal Republic of Germany’s Foreign Office’s Schools
Abroad Program (ZfA) and are among the selected Schulen Partner der
Zukunft (Partner School of the Future).
Please visit, or call Stamford at 203-548-0438,
West Hartford at 860-404-8838. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or