P.S. 18 is pioneering a German Language Program (GLP) that currently is offered to our kindergarten students, but has the potential to be expanded to all grades. The program started this school year, September 2017, with the kindergarten class and can be expanded to all grades if there is demand. German language content is to be apart of the curriculum, especially in Social Studies. It will also be part of the afterschool program in cooperation with the Galli Theatre. Children receive classes not only in German, but also in English and Spanish. Besides this unique trilingual language program from kindergarten age onwards, P.S. 18 aims at offering a well-rounded education that also incorporates STEM, arts, music, and drama. As a magnet school, P.S. 18 welcomes children from all over NYC. Having a German background is no requirement to participate in the program. The program benefits from the exceptional support of established institutions such as the Goethe Institute of Germany, committed individuals, and donors such as the Frankfurt Book Fair New York.