Since its foundation in 1971, the Deutsche Fernschule has successfully taught more than 14,000 children in various places around the world. The Deutsche Fernschule is a non-profit association based in Wetzlar, Germany, which is committed to providing German-speaking children abroad with a school education according to German standards. The range comprises three different product lines.

Would you like to prepare your child for the start of school? Take advantage of the preschool courses for children aged 4 and over.

There is no suitable school nearby or you frequently change your place of residence? Just take the primary school with you! For grades 1 to 4, the Deutsche Fernschule offers the subjects German, Mathematics, General Studies, English and Art.

Does your child attend a local or international school abroad? Then the Basic German Courses will ensure that your child is able to speak and write German just as well as his or her peers in Germany with a minimum of time. Spelling, grammar and vocabulary are taught according to the curricula of all German federal states. The areas of essay and literature have been greatly reduced out of consideration for the child’s full everyday school life. These topics are usually dealt with in the respective language of instruction of the local school.

The courses of the Deutsche Fernschule are specially developed for distance learning with children. The documents lead step by step through the teaching material, so lessons can also be supervised by a person without pedagogical experiences. Each child has a personal, trained teacher at his or her side over the distance. The teacher evaluates and grades the childĀ“s tests and promotes the individually. She is also available throughout the school year as a contact person. Upon completion of a course, the child receives a certificate so that he or she can easily re-enter the German school system.

With the Deutsche Fernschule at your side, you are ideally equipped for lessons at home.


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