We couldn’t find a credit card company that could meet our needs, so we started our own

In the U.S., a good credit score is the key to smooth business deals and huge savings over time. But newcomers to the U.S. start from zero, credit-wise. How are you supposed to build good credit if lack of credit disqualifies you from getting a credit card in the first place? The founders of CreditStacks experienced this problem first-hand when they arrived in the U.S. So, Elnor Rozenrot, Jonathan Jacobi and Shahar Nechmad decided to solve the problem for other successful expats like themselves. Joined by Robert Hartheimer, a U.S. banker with over 30 years of experience in the field, they founded CreditStacks – a different kind of credit card company that says YES to expats.

Finally, a credit card that says YES to expats

Today, thanks to CreditStacks, expats can build good credit from scratch – faster, and painlessly. In collaboration with Mastercard and WebBank, Member FDIC, CreditStacks gives high-potential, new-to-credit customers the credit they deserve so they can fully enjoy their new life in the U.S. from day one.

  • All the benefits of a premium credit card
  • High monthly credit limit, no annual fees, low interest rates
  • No SSN needed to apply*
    *SSN is required within 60 days after your CreditStacks account is established.
  • Apply up to 60 days before starting your new job
  • New CreditStacks Mastercard waiting on their desks the day they land

With CreditStacks, expats can start building good credit immediately – but this is just the beginning. Having CreditStacks as a credit-building partner is like putting your credit-building on GPS. So, expats are free to focus on navigating their new lives in the U.S., secure in the knowledge that they are avoiding common missteps and building a stronger financial future with every transaction.


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