Marion Minder | Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Marion has worked in the Real Estate business for over 14 years, finding international success in the US and Europe. During the enormous growth market in the years before 2008, Marion helped numerous clients make solid decisions in both a buyer’s and in a seller’s market. The transition of the market, after 2008, taught her to work with Financial Institutions to protect investments and to secure her client’s cash positions. Those who have worked with her have admired her integrity and her persistence in managing the sales process until the final closing.

Marion was born in Munich, Germany and has lived in many different countries in the world. Her experience gives her an understanding of numerous cultures and an ear for the fine nuances of human emotion that play an essential role in a Real Estate transaction.

On top of her years of experience, she also has worldwide connections, she speaks multiple languages (German, Italian and some French) and is well qualified to help her clients adapt to the ever-changing market in NYC. The Foreign Department of Germany, the National Bank of Germany and the German School in Brooklyn are among some of her continuous clients.

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