Bakabu, the ear worm, is a new character that has been created specifically for the project “Hör zu, Bakabu (Listen, Bakabu) – linguistic development through music”. He comes from the far away country of songs, loves music and is constantly looking for new songs.

So far, the product line consists of song albums, children’s books, audio books (read by the German actor Christian Tramitz) and stuffed animals. Soon there will also be animated videos.


“Hör zu, Bakabu” (Listen, Bakabu) is a project developed to support children in their early linguistic development through music. New children’s songs are created in cooperation with linguists and teachers. Children in kindergarten and preschool learn the basics of the language such as vocabulary and sentence structures in a playful way.

This new method of promoting early language learning which has been developed by the Bakabu team has received numerous awards (Austrian ministry for education, Austrian center for language competences, Austrian umbrella organisation for dyslexia).


Each song contains a concrete linguistic exercise that has been developed by academics. The songs deal with topics from the daily life of the children so that they learn important expressions and phrases. Before its release, each song is thoroughly tested by both the children and their teachers.

In Austria 350,000 children already profit from this concept.

„The lyrics have been written in a way that they offer a clear linguistic input. Each song focuses on a particular linguistic category of sentence structure, vocabulary and morphology.”

(Mag.a Barbara Rössl-Krötzl, linguist, academic project leader)

The whole project as well as the product line are operated and edited by Austrian Publishing House Vermes-Verlag.


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