Lonely @ the top!

Sometimes you pay a high price for it: with the rough wind, loneliness of the decider and the pressure that sometimes weighs on you. For other people on your level, the fear of failure is often a silent companion. Self-doubt germinates. At the same time, many problems of your team land on your table. You often go to your limits to bring the performance that you – and others – expect of you. That costs strength, mentally and emotionally. You may ask yourself more and more frequently the question of the deeper meaning behind all this. Likewise, for a life that is more in line with your vision.

Have you already asked yourself one of the following questions?

  • Was it that?
  • What should the future look like?
  • Where is my life?
  • What is really important to me?

These questions require answers and clarity for the next steps.

Work with Susanne means to face the questions and to give honest answers, development in one’s own personality in the professional, as in the private context. Susanne is sparring partner, confidant and impulse generator. Someone who gives the space for everything that demands attention and cannot be spoken anywhere else. Someone who feels committed to growth and who has the ability to always find answers, no matter what. She always deals individually with each person; standard does not exist with her. If you´re curious about how you get flow, joy and sparkle in your eyes and you want to get in a new alignment, then you´re right with her. Work with Susanne means transform your actual status in a new vision of you, your business and your life.

Grow! That´s the goal and her passion in her work with people and companies. Susanne is an expert for grow and clarity and was until her self-employment over 30 years manager, executive and managing director in various companies, start-ups and groups. She works international, in all industries, with leaders in the top management, entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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