The ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR features several talk and workshop opportunities. It’s a great way to promote your service or organization while providing valuable information for our visitors.

This year we are opening up the field and conduct an official call for proposals. If you would like to host a talk or conduct a workshop, please submit your topic ideas online.


30 min + 10 min Q&A
50 attendees


50 min
12 attendees (pre-registered)

Please indicate your preference in your description. As space is limited we reserve the right to make the final decision if we can offer you a workshop or talk.

These are some of the areas we are looking for:

  • Expat Finance, Taxes, Credit History
  • Professional Development & Coaching
  • Parenting Advice (e.g. Third Culture Kids)
  • Business
  • Expat Partner Support

Please take a look at last year’s roster to review past topics.

Submission Deadline: May 31st, 2019


Applicants must be registered as an exhibitor at the ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR or affiliated with an exhibitor of sponsor. As space is limited we cannot guarantee a spot (except for Sponsors).

For applicants who are not registered as exhibitors additional fees may apply.

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