Special Opportunity: FIND YOUR SELF – Personality-Readings 

Life is all about relationships. With your partner, your kids, your parents, coworkers, or boss – but most of all it’s about the relationship with yourself!

KIM LENAR COACHING – The Mommy Mentor and Life Coach – proudly presents: Mira Muehlenhof! 

The German Enneagram Master is coming to New York for the first time. She will help you discover your hidden talents and strengths, and decode your deepest inner motivation. You want to get to the button of a reoccurring issue? Want to solve a long standing problem or understand the meaning of your doing?
Book your 30 minutes personality reading with Mira and choose the topic you want to shed some light on. It will change your life!

Mira is offering this for an Expat-Fair-Discount-Price of $89.

Book your slot now under [email protected]


Meet our Exhibitors: Kat from KHD Consulting

We seldom speak about the importance of health and wellbeing of the leader for organizational performance and inspiring leadership. However, if your leadership team crumbles under stress or your manager “checks out” from exhaustion you will soon have a tsunami of disengagement, discontent and disillusion in the organization. (more…)

Meet the authors of the Best Seller ” Stadtnomaden”

You are new to New York and don’t know where you want to live? You’ve been here for a while and think about buying or moving to a different neighborhood?

Christina Horsten and Felix Zeltner lived in 12 neighborhoods in 12 months – with their toddler in tow! A multimedia-event with lots of New York neighborhood stories!

We are excited to have them give us a taste of their journey at the ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR on November 2nd! Get your tickets now!


Meet the exhibitors: German International School New York

Founded in 1980, German International School New York (GISNY) is a private, non-profit, international school beautifully located on 20 acres of land in Westchester County, New York, 30 minutes north of New York City and 15 minutes south of Greenwich, Connecticut.

GISNY offers a challenging German/English bilingual, multicultural approach to teaching and learning from Pre-K through Grade 12. Its highly qualified international faculty aims to nurture inquisitive, open-minded, and independent thinkers. Beyond striving for academic excellence, GISNY provides an inclusive environment that promotes individual growth, diversity, and teamwork. Small groups allow the teachers to pay close personal attention to each student, thereby helping them to achieve their potential and encouraging them to develop into curious, analytical, and conscientious global citizens. (more…)

Expat Fair goes International

Word has spread beyond the borders of New York, even the U.S. For the first time the ICH BIN EXPAT FAIR welcomes sponsors and exhibitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Israel.

Let’s give them a brief shout out!


Noah Mobility (Sponsor)

Noah Mobility is a global end-to-end moving and relocation service provider, headquartered in Munich, Germany. Noah Mobility was founded by relocation industry experts who carry the experience of more than 15 years with them. (more…)

Germany is famous for…? Yes, beer!


Radeberger Pilsner – THE CULTURE OF TASTE

Sometimes it’s the small town heroes who catch the world off guard and surprise us when we least expect it. That’s what happened in 1872 when five local men of distinction from the small town of Radeberg not far from Dresden decided to teach us all a thing or two about beer. Unhappy with the taste of the beers of their time, they set out to create something better. Their desire laid the foundation of Radeberger Pilsner, the inventor of the famous German Pilsner Culture. To this day, every single drop of Radeberger Pilsner savored anywhere on earth is brewed exclusively in our home town of Radeberg, Germany. It has always been this way, since the very first batch was brewed